A spiral of moral decadence corrodes 18th century Poland in this fast packed array of psychic and shocking scenes.


This science-fiction film about the founding experience of a human society on a desolate planet is considered as the most daring visual experience in Zulawski’s oeuvre.

Marek Brodzki

Polish director Mark Brodzki has mainly been working as a second unit director or assistant director on 40 films with such prominent filmmakers as Andrzej Wajda, Krzysztof Zanussi, Janusz Majewski, John Irvin, Steven Spielberg (for Schindler’s List), Costa Gavras, Yves Angelo, Sebastian Grall and Volker Schlondorff. In 2001 – The Lord of the Rings has… Continue reading Marek Brodzki


In a distant mythical past, humans, dwarves, elves, wizards and monsters live together in a dangerous world. To protect themselves, humans have created a special guild of wolf warriors, also known as Hexers. Geralt is one of them. He’s a perfect warrior, the result of special genetic mutations. Not only is Geralt an expert in… Continue reading THE HEXER


In an imaginary central European city, the highly addictive computer game Avalon offers lavish financial rewards as well as a dangerous and seductive escape from the bleak realities of everyday life. Ash is a professional, a highly skilled player moving back and forth between actual and virtual realities with ease. A loner, estranged from her… Continue reading AVALON

Wieslaw Saniewski

Polish director, screenwriter and producer Wieslaw Saniewski (Wroclaw, 1948) studied mathematics at the University of Wroclaw and followed screenwriting at the Film School of Lodz. At first he worked as a journalist and a film critic. By writing screenplays and books about cinema and by working as an assistant for famous directors like Andrzej Wadja,… Continue reading Wieslaw Saniewski


The Rain Soldier is a story that weaves together the lives of Anna, a 28 year-old prosecuter and her father, Captain Szymanski, a military lawyer. One evening, after a brutal episode, Anna leaves her lover, Jerzy. Desperately, she drives away in a strong rain. She nearly kills a young man, walking in the middle of… Continue reading THE RAIN SOLDIER