Ovidiu Georgescu

As one of the pioneers of Romanian Independent Cinema, Ovidiu Georgescu was the first Romanian director to make a zero budget movie in 2003 with Watch it !. This was followed by short features such as One flew over a turkey’s nest and 99% Bucharest, which were awarded at various film festivals. Ten years after… Continue reading Ovidiu Georgescu

Alexandru Maftei

Alexandru Maftei is a Romanian film director and scriptwriter. In 1994 he graduated from the Bucharest Film & Theatre Academy. His first long feature, Hello ! How are you? ( 2011 ) was a hit on the international film festival circuit : Karlovy Vary, Cairo , Palm Springs, Dublin, Monaco ( Award for Most Promising… Continue reading Alexandru Maftei


A world where powerful conglomerates control and manipulate every aspect of our lives. Bald, eccentric Qohen Leth is an introverted computer genius who’s constantly waiting for a phone call that will explain to him the meaning of life. He works for a mysterious oligarch who is only known as Management. His job is to break… Continue reading THE ZERO THEOREM