A Cold War urban legend turned into a Russian science fiction blockbuster? THE SUPERDEEP has it all! Plunge into this THE THING-inspired claustrophobic and terrifying nightmare about the deepest borehole on earth.

Why don’t you just die

A trembling finger about to ring a doorbell in an apartment building. A hammer clutched in a clenched fist. A hammer Matvey wants to drive through the skull of his father-in-law as soon as he opens the door. ‘Dad, die’ is also the eloquent original title of this feature debut of the man many like… Continue reading Why don’t you just die

The Blackout

No meteorite hit the Earth, no dangerous terrorist attack occured, no nuclear war erupted. And yet shit hit the fan anyway… Oleg clearly remembers. He was in a restaurant when the blackout happened. Suddenly the fuses of the world simply blew, except in what would later be known as the “circle of life” formed around… Continue reading The Blackout


Who needs the Marvel Cinematic Universe when you’ve got the Russian Cinematic Universe? COMA is the heavy artillery of Slavic science fiction, creating a visually stunning world that’ll blow your mind and not only yours, those of coma patients as well… Victor (Rinal Mukhametov, an actor you’ll also see in INVASION and ABIGAIL, both part… Continue reading Coma


INVASION is the bigger, better, badder sequel to ATTRACTION, which we presented at the BIFFF 2017. Three years after an alien spaceship crash-landed in Moscow, Julia, who was saved from death with the help of extraterrestrial technology, has started to develop unusual abilities. She has become an object of research conducted in secret laboratories of… Continue reading Invasion


Abigail has been living a reclusive life in a town under quarantine, believing that her father passed away due to the mysterious epidemic (nothing to do with Covid-19, we promise). But the older we get, the less naïve we become and young Abigail starts to figure out things. Not only does she seemingly possesses similar… Continue reading Abigail