The Little One

Cell phone is a teenager’s best friend, especially when he goes on a family trip with parent and an annoying kid sister, but when the zombie apocalypse begins, the friendship is put to a test.

Lazar Bodroza

Lazar Bodroza is director, visual artist, founder and creative director of the independent design studio METAKLINIKA. He was born on August 19th 1983. in Belgrade, Serbia. He graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. In 2011 Lazar Bodroza won the award TOP 20 under 30 given by PRINT magazine. He was selected as… Continue reading Lazar Bodroza

Sebastian Cavazza

He was Born in 1973. He started to study acting in 1992 at the Academy for Theatre, Film and TV (AGRFT) at the University of Ljubljana. During this period he worked extensively in professional productions in theatre, in movies, TV, on Radio, as a model, and as the mc of various events. In 1995 and… Continue reading Sebastian Cavazza


2148. Milutin is a skilled astronaut working for the Ederlezi Corporation. He just finished his training to participate in the most dangerous mission ever; an expedition to Alpha Centauri, the only planet suitable for human life. As the journey is going to be very long, the astronaut might risk getting bored. The Ederlezi Corporation has… Continue reading EDERLEZI RISING

Milan Todorovic

Milan Todorovic made his entry on the international film scene with ZONE OF THE DEAD (2009), a Serbian zombie movie that hit as hard as a sip of rakija. Five years later he came to Brussels with Franco Nero to present the world premiere of THE NYMPH at the BIFFF. And that was just the… Continue reading Milan Todorovic


Lucy and Kelly, two all-American girls, are on holiday in Montenegro, the country of origin of their college buddy Alex. They enjoy the sea, the sun, the beach, the local pot and lots of rakija. But after a while they get bored and start to look for some real kicks. Boban, a friend of Alex,… Continue reading NYMPH

Srdjan Spasojevic

Srdjan Spasojevic was born in Belgrade, Serbia in 1976. He graduated from the Academy of Arts BK in Belgrade. A Serbian Film is his film debut. Executive producer Nikola Pantevic and screenwriter Alexander Radivojevic will join him to BIFFF .


Aspiring movie maker Marko’s career as a horror director doesn’t get off the ground. He tries to do better with porn, but his unorthodox style chases away producers and investors. Having had enough, he gathers a bunch of junkies, homosexuals and transvestites and hits the back roads with a travelling porn circus. This does, of… Continue reading LIFE AND DEATH OF A PORNO GANG


Retired porn star Milos is nostalgic for those glorious times when he could afford a luxurious lifestyle for his wife and kid. One day, he meets a certain Vukmir, a self-proclaimed conceptual artist, who desperately wants to hire him for his next work of art. The salary is so fabulous that it will keep his… Continue reading A SERBIAN FILM