Motel Acacia

A snowed-in country road, not far from the Canadian border. A billboard alongside the road reads: “Make our country great again!”. JC, a young Filipino, takes in the landscape, while his European father drives him to the family motel. The building is as charming as a Nazi bunker and clients are rare. However, the business… Continue reading Motel Acacia


Following up the alien invasion that occurred in Skyline ( 2010 ), this spin-off / sequel tells the story of Mark, a grizzled LAPD cop ( played by Frank Grillo ) who is taking his son home after a night in jail. Little do they know that while sitting in the subway an alien attack… Continue reading BEYOND SKYLINE


With its 18.000 islands, Indonesia is the world’s biggest archipelago. During the first centuries of our era, it was a trade region between India and China. It’s only in the 16th century that the European nations reached the Moluccas for the spice business. Hey, are we getting up your nose ? What do you want… Continue reading MACABRE


Every year, during the seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the Gates of Hell open, and for 30 days, the dead walk among the living. This is a very dangerous time and many rules must be followed in order not to get taken by the ghosts. For Rosa Dimaano, a new arrival in Singapore,… Continue reading THE MAID