Deaf from birth, Kyung-mi is clearly a fighter in this rotten world. Armed with her hearing aid, her cellphone and her audio sensors scattered all over the house she shares with her mom, she adapts as best she can… But what she will discover one night in a dark alley will change everything! A young… Continue reading MIDNIGHT


The things we do to please our wife, ey? Take Ui-gang for example. While his better half is out having fun on a two-week vacation with a girlfriend, he begrudgingly agree to babysit the latter’s teenage daughter. He’s not too thrilled about it and neither is the girl for that matter. So let’s just make… Continue reading THE KILLER


If you need to deliver an urgent package, you’ve got the postal office. If you need to run an urgent errand, you’ve got cabs. But what if you have to run an urgent errand with a not-so-legal package that potentially puts your life at risk? That might turn out to be difficult. Luckily, there’s a… Continue reading SPECIAL DELIVERY


In 1592, Korea is ravaged by Japanese invasions. On land, the king has already fled to the north, dangerously close to the Chinese border. At sea, things are not much better. The Japanese fleet reigns supreme. The Korean generals know fully well that if their naval forces yield, the kingdom of Joseon will be doomed.… Continue reading HANSAN: RISING DRAGON


After five failed attempts to pass the police academy entry exam, we can officially state that Chan-woo is a first-rate wanker. Now, in his defense, he has the kind of neighbors that hold a Hellfest at home every night, which surely doesn’t help him concentrate… Oh well, no biggie, he’s just going to sign up… Continue reading NEXT DOOR


For once, a Korean gangster picture takes us not to the message parlors, noodle bars or sinister parking garages of megacity Seoul, but to the modest coastal town of Gangneug. But don’t worry, the change in scenery doesn’t diminish the more than generous body count! The year is 2017 and the Olympic Winter Games are… Continue reading TOMB OF THE RIVER


Eleven years. Eleven years of pencil-pushing in a dusty office and holidays at the Costa Casa (AKA an inflatable pool in the living room) were needed for Dong-wok to scrape together just enough cash to finally realize his long-cherished dream: getting his own joint in the city of Seoul! Sure, in the industrial outskirts of… Continue reading SINKHOLE


Even casual BIFFF-buffs know the crucial importance of shouting “Left!” or “Right!” at the right moment, whether it’s about a ghostly carriage racing through the night or when you’re behind the wheel of a luxurious company car on the icy roads of the South-Korean countryside. Yoo Min-ho, freshly named Businessman of the Year, is on… Continue reading CONFESSION