A woman catches her husband cheating on her. She furiously grabs a knife, get into the bed and tries to castrate him. The man wakes up just in time and manages to hold her off. With undiminished rage, she goes into the room of their teenage son and cuts off his penis. She then leaves… Continue reading MOEBIUS

Voice Of Silence

Two subcontractors of a criminal organization, specialized in dissolving bodies in acid baths, receive a peculiar mission: a 24-hour babysitting session… One of the most original stories of the last few years.


After their car went off a cliff, diving champion Lee-young suffers from memory loss, while her fellow passenger, childhood friend and teammate Soo-jin, remains missing. While she maniacally tries to hold on to her Diva status, her elegant dives turn into death drops…  


An ex-secret agent who’s terminally ill, must safely escort Seo Bok, the first human clone who holds the key to immortality. Everybody’s more than eager to get their hands on the secret, but our agent isn’t planning to budge…


Slate is a colorful, action-packed and darkly funny mix between Army of Darkness and Kill Bill, in which an aspiring martial arts star finds herself stranded in a parallel universe and discovers that it takes a lot more than some well-timed kicks and punches to be a hero.

The Closet

A creepy house with a creepy closet and a little girl that goes missing… Prepare yourself for an ordeal through a hellish Neverland in this supernatural Korean horror starring Jung-woo Ha (THE CHASER) and Nam-gil Kim (MEMOIR OF A MURDERER)!