Ever heard of the butterfly effect? In chaos theory (and of course in science fiction flicks) it refers to the fact that minimal changes in a given situation can later cause gigantic problems. In 2095, the world is overrun with salt water and all forms of life are in danger of extinction. Fang Rung, head… Continue reading MAN DIVIDED

Christina Lindberg

Avant-garde feminist Christina Lindberg provoked at an early age by posing nude when she was barely 18. She went on to pose for renowned magazines such as Penthouse or Playboy, but Christina has mostly become a true icon of underground cinema and more in particular erotic and softcore sexploitation. She rose to international stardom with… Continue reading Christina Lindberg


When you are twelve years old, you like to play games, go on a pick nick with your parents and enjoy those precious times without hesitation. But when you’re living in a dystopian future that resembles a lot like a version of capitalist communism, you know that those moments will not last long. Djata gets… Continue reading THE WHITE KING


No more water in the house. And then it comes out of the tap again… but in a different shape!

Christian Hallman

Christian Hallman had his first experience on a film set was at the tender age of nine, when he also started working in a video store. He was a development producer for the Swedish Vampirecomedy film “Frostbite”, which seduced the BIFFF in 2006. Christian has worked extensively as a first assistant director on Swedish TV-series… Continue reading Christian Hallman


When a person hits forty, life isn’t treating you as easy as it used to. Caroline knows what this means. Her boyfriend just dumped her and she finds herself and her daughter in a new apartment that looks like Cinderella’s attic. And to remind her that she is having a shitty time, her neighbors are anything but helpful, even… Continue reading SENSORIA

THE WAVE by Roar Uthaug

The Norwegian village of Geiranger enjoys a breathtaking setting at the bottom of a spectacular fjord. And yet, a threat hangs over paradise. In 1905 a rockslide wiped away the entire village and it’s only a matter of time before it will happen again. Geologist Kristian is the man with an eye on the panic… Continue reading THE WAVE by Roar Uthaug


Nils has turned fifty and leads a repetitive life by driving with his snow plough across Norwegian roads. He has always perfectly behaved like a model citizen even to the degree that he got elected as Citizen of the Year. But the night before the ceremony, Nils finds out that his only son died of… Continue reading IN ORDER OF DISAPPEARANCE