Nicklas attends the final year of secondary school in a small Swedish town. His prospects look good, with excellent marks and a protective mother who has already got her eye on a place at a top university and a job with an investment bank. Nicklas himself has other plans. He writes poetry and wants to… Continue reading THE INVISIBLE


It’s not too far in the future, and the world looks much the same as it does today. Except for one thing, there are very few people and no children at all. It seems that the human race is dying. Women are no longer getting pregnant and those few women that do, conceive only mutants,… Continue reading LOW-FLYING AIRCRAFT


Five biologists travel to a remote area to explore a forest burnt down a few years ago. They’ll investigate how life returns to this demolished land. Already on the train problems errupt when one of them tries to affirm himself as leader of the pack. At the location they install themselves inside a caravan and… Continue reading THE UNKNOWN


A small remote village in Sweden. Lisa comes back from London to sell a house left by her father. He mysteriously disappeared in the forest during the winter and is presumed dead in an accident. Lisa suspects there is more to the story, as her father was disliked in the village. She has a feeling… Continue reading THE LAKE


Middle-aged architect Ulrik Hansson lives a carefree existence in the suburbs together with his wife Monika and their two children. They’ve just returned from a pleasant fishing vacation with their closest friends and now they’re making plans to move. Everything seems to be going well. Or so he thinks… The next morning, Ulrik wakes up… Continue reading SLEEPWALKER


Former Polish secret policeman Orlov runs a caviar import company from Gothenburg, Sweden. But his business is a cover for all kinds of criminal activities. He sends his best men, the two Russian brothers Victor and Odessa, to steal a strictly guarded box from a warehouse in Gdansk, Poland. Only Orlov knows its valuable content.… Continue reading THE DIVER


Leading what she thinks is an ordinary life, 15 year-old Sophie receives an anonymous letter with one essential question : “Who are you ?” She continues to receive more letters until one day she meets her correspondent; Alberto Knox, who becomes her friend and teacher in philosophy. At the same time, Sophie mysteriously keeps getting… Continue reading SOPHIE’S WORLD


Stockholm’s subway is hit by a wave of murders that bring to mind serial killings in the equally labyrinthine underground systems of Tokyo and New York. The killings are virtual beheadings and the killer always leaves behind his signature at the scene of the crime : the Internet’s icon for “death”. Inspector Martin Beck is… Continue reading NIGHT VISION


On the eve of a trip that will take 8-year-old Simon and his grandfather to the old man’s reunion with a group of musicians, Grandfather falls ill. In a search for a cure, young Simon finds himself instead on an amazing journey full of magic and adventure. When Simon discovers a wedding picture of his… Continue reading CHASING THE KIDNEYSTONE