Stockholm’s subway is hit by a wave of murders that bring to mind serial killings in the equally labyrinthine underground systems of Tokyo and New York. The killings are virtual beheadings and the killer always leaves behind his signature at the scene of the crime : the Internet’s icon for “death”. Inspector Martin Beck is… Continue reading NIGHT VISION


On the eve of a trip that will take 8-year-old Simon and his grandfather to the old man’s reunion with a group of musicians, Grandfather falls ill. In a search for a cure, young Simon finds himself instead on an amazing journey full of magic and adventure. When Simon discovers a wedding picture of his… Continue reading CHASING THE KIDNEYSTONE


A Monday like all the others. Henry arrives early at work. As usual, he starts the day with a cigarette and a hot cup of steaming coffee. But when he wants to pick up his cup, he finds out that he no longer has a hand. Soon it becomes clear that slowly, piece by piece,… Continue reading NOWHERE MAN


A mixture of animation and live images. This extraordinary and fascinating musical and ecological film makes us think about legends, humanity and the sea. In a poetic way, it tells a strange story of the pollution of the environment and the composition of our present society. A message destined for those that can only think… Continue reading DEA MARINA