A strange and inhuman cry in the mountains. A cottage that doesn’t figure on any map. And a hospitable mountain man with questionable motives… Brrrr.

Fredi M. Murer

Swiss director Fredi M. Murer (1940°) studied photography at the Institute for Fine Arts in Zurich and made his first profession film in 1962 with the short feature Marcel. After a series of shorts and half-long films, he directs his first long feature in 1974 : Wir Bergler in den Bergen sind eigentlich nicht Schuld… Continue reading Fredi M. Murer


Jack is a traveller without any destination. He has left the past behind and believes he can never love again. In a rugged place on the coastline, he meets Jennifer, a woman who has lived all her life in a decripit house, alone with her brother. Jennifer falls in love with Jack. But as she’s… Continue reading MISGUIDED ANGEL


Irène Escher is working at home when her 6-year old daughter comes into her office and asks her where Toni is? Irène tells her not to disturb her when she’s working. After a while she starts worrying since her son still hasn’t come home from school. When she finds out that Toni never arrived at… Continue reading FULL MOON


The baby finally sleeps in his cradle while his parents enjoy some well deserved peace and quiet. But in the garden hides an unknown threat. To be continued…


When Satan wanders the Earth, dressed like a biker, we end up in an underground opera on wheels where the cops look like Hell’s Angels.


Leo is a single guy, whose only friends are a gas cooker, a chair, a table and a cup, with which he freely talks and is quiet fond of. One night, when he unexpectedly comes home with a woman, Leo’s friends feel betrayed and decide to intervene