A fourteen-year old girl communicates with a spider in a dark basement without knowing the time and place.


Appearances can be deceiving. You wouldn’t tell from his Garfield-looks and his silky fur, but Shero is the most notorious cat on Earth. He’s a dedicated alcoholic, reigning over his district as a madman and terrorising the non-neutered Siamese cats; while he’s not smoking catnip, of course. On a beautiful day, when he’s in a… Continue reading BAD CAT


A mysterious encounter in an abandoned house.

Can Evrenol

Born and raised in Istanbul, Can Evrenol studied cinematography and art history at the University of Kent, and went to NYFA at the Universal Studios in Los Angeles. Upon graduating, he has independently written, directed and produced short horror films, which won many awards, and are officially selected to the top international genre film festivals… Continue reading Can Evrenol


Cop Remzi and his squad have started their night as usual; sitting in a bar, telling each other some dirty jokes and torturing a poor runner who gave them a bad look. When they get a phone call to help out in the worst neighborhood in town, they’re looking forward to bashing in some heads.… Continue reading BASKIN


The fate of one family is sealed inside a chest.

Mustafa Altioklar

Mustafa Altioklar (°1958) is one of the most prominent feature film directors in Turkey. He studied Medicine at university and alongside his Medical career he started writing and directing short films in 1989.Since 2003, he has been working with ALTIOKLAR Films and had directed two feature films; “The Bathroom” (2005) and “Shattered Soul” (2006) which… Continue reading Mustafa Altioklar