Seemingly content with her life and deeply in love with her psychiatrist husband Doruk, Beyza is thrown of balance by strange, occasional memory blackouts. At the same time, a number of mutilated legs found around Istanbul push the city into terror. Police Inspector Fatih investigates the gruesome murders with his new partner Doruk, who was… Continue reading SHATTERED SOUL


Tarik’s friends are really worried. For a while now, he has turned into a recluse, never leaving his home and passing all his time in front of his computer. When they decide to visit him, they find him dead. According to the police, it’s suicide, but his friends refuse to believe that the jovial Tarik… Continue reading D@BBE


Ebru, Cagan, Didem, Sibel and Tolga take a road trip to visit the caves of the Gomeda valley. Little do they know that these caves are still haunted by memories of torture that took place in the past. As they get closer, one by one, their dreams turn into nightmares, their nightmares turn into hallucinations,… Continue reading GOMEDA


A timeless, placeless land. Over a desolate landscape the motley Iaola circus troupe wearily trundles along, in search of deliverance from a totalitarian regime. Each of them – the tightrope-walkers, the clowns, the equestrienne, the knife-thrower – longs for a new and better world. The Iaola troupe makes its way to a shabby harbour town,… Continue reading SAWDUST TALES