Nabwana IGG

Nabwana Isaac Godfrey Geoffrey is a jack off all trades: film producer, director, scriptwriter, cameraman, editor, as well as the founder of Ramon Film Production. RFP is a renowned studio in the Wakaliwood film industry: the new Hollywood of Kampala in Uganda which received a great deal of attention internationally in the past few years.… Continue reading Nabwana IGG

Crazy World

A crazy world! We couldn’t have thought of a more apt title. The first time we projected a Wakaliwood production was BAD BLACK in 2017. All the way from Kampala, Uganda, this flick made for about 65$ landed at the BIFFF in Brussels, where the spectators in the theater were virtually slaughtered and filmed by… Continue reading Crazy World


Black has more than reason enough to be Bad, with a father who got killed when he robbed a bank to provide for his family and a mother who got a bullet through her head in the streets. The young woman terrorizes the entire neighborhood with her gang and is not afraid to blackmail rich… Continue reading BAD BLACK