Brandon Cronenberg’s second offering, after his relentlessly bleak debut feature ANTIVIRAL (BIFFF 2013), gives us another glimpse of what growing up with a dad like David Cronenberg must’ve felt like; probably with a strict minimum of watching movies starring Robin Williams. It’s the near future. Tasya Vos is on the brink of a burnout, what… Continue reading POSSESSOR


Who killed grandfather? No one knows. Twenty years have gone by. Grandfather is buried and forgotten and granddaughter is in love. But soon it turns out her boyfriend is a victim to supernatural powers. He has taken on the identity of late grandfather. Even though some things may strengthen the ancestral bonds, the young love… Continue reading RETURN : A CASE OF POSSESSION


A few years after the death of his wife a New York writer tries to start a new family life. He arranges a meeting between his daughter and his future wife in East Berlin, where he often stays for professional reasons. The meeting results in a abrasive confrontation: Carla, sixteen years old wants nothing to… Continue reading THE COLD ROOM