Myriam, a rich heir, thanks her immortality to a substance which she substracts from people. The last switch in in a long chain is John, her companion, who is also drawn to eternity. But when his ageing process starts to speed up, nothing can stop him anymore. Behold a film that excels the fantastic and… Continue reading THE HUNGER


Rosaleen has a lovely grandmother. It’s only natural since Grandma is old-fashioned: she gives tons of well-meaning advice to her granddaughter (don’t stray away from the busy paths, don’t talk to men whose eyebrows are growing too close…) and tells her crazy stories starring werewolves, at night by the fireside. All of these stories are… Continue reading THE COMPANY OF WOLVES


Forced into resigning from his cabinet post as a result of political intrigue, Minister James Morton is hastily dispatched to Brussels as British European Commissioner. This puts his ailing marriage under increased strain and his wife Isabelle decides to remain in London alone. Shortly after his arrival in Brussels, James and his assistant Peter Simpson… Continue reading THE COMMISSIONER


This black fantasy takes us to an audition where three so-called master magicians are judging magic tricks. Nothing seems to impress them. After all, it’s just an illusion. But then, a real magician comes on the scene and starts to perform an unbelievable magic feat.


A scientist develops a substance which he calls Zuvuya. This allows the heart and metabolism of a man to slow down. Based on a theory that says that the perception of time is determined by the speed of the beating heart, he drinks his own product. The scientist wants to prove that time is not… Continue reading ZUVUYA