It’s 1987 Anno Domini and the Vatican is in the midst of a crisis. On the one hand, young bling-bling prelates – more Madonna than Francis of Assisi – are trying to dust off the crumbling image of the Church by downgrading positions such as the one of Father Gabriele Amorth, the official exorcist of… Continue reading THE POPE’S EXORCIST


For two centuries, Renfield has been playing minion to his boss, Count Dracula. Okay sure, he did give him eternal life and supernatural powers that, even with a 48° fever and a stomach flu, would still make him triumph at the Hunger Games. But his future? Zero chances for promotion, permanent night shifts and an… Continue reading RENFIELD


Audra is super-dooper happy! To congratulate her on graduating from college, her daddy bought her a nice little house in her hometown of West Craven. So, on the agenda there’s a housewarming party with her BFFs Missy and Reese, twenty-minute showers with some great exfoliating soap enriched with apricot oil and sweet ylang-ylang smells, a… Continue reading KILL HER GOATS


Shredding: A bunch of annoying teens break into a closed-down venue where a band was burnt alive years earlier. They find out it’s supremely uncool to mess with badass undead rockers. Ozzy’s Dungeon is a sadistic TV-show with a host pushing the candidates through a humiliating obstacle course to open said dungeon. And when a… Continue reading V/H/S/99


Four friends head off to the Mojave Desert to shoot a video clip. Each one has his neat little tent to pitch, a water bottle and sun-cream. When night falls they go to sleep. That is, if the desert lets them… Everything that happens afterwards will have to stay between us because even just trying… Continue reading THE OUTWATERS


Two years after surviving an incredibly violent attack on her family, young Becky is trying to rebuild her life with Elena, a retiree with a temper as strong as her own. And everything could have gone well if some macho assholes hadn’t burst into their home to scare them, send Elena six feet under and… Continue reading THE WRATH OF BECKY


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far way called the 80’s, special effects in movies were mostly done with puppetry and cardboard. Then comes along a guy like James Cameron who revolutionizes the industry with his creature from THE ABYSS and his robot for TERMINATOR 2. And Spielberg, taking the ball, scores a… Continue reading JURASSIC PUNK


She’s young, she’s a kindergarten teacher, her name is Emily and she’s giving her all for her community. Tonight she’s going to her weekly discussion group for women, accompanied with a nice specimen of home-made pie. Once the customary greetings over with, she brings out her freshly baked delight, with right at its center a… Continue reading SOFT & QUIET

Sucks to Be the Moon

Jealous of the Sun’s stardom, the Moon journeys into space, searching for a planet that actually cares about him. Will he find his place in the universe, or is he destined to be a lonely loser forever?