Windsor College offers students a picturesque haven for higher learning, just what Sidney Prescott needs. It’s spring time, two years after the murders in Woodsboro, California, and a satisfying freshman year is coming to an end. Sid has a great roommate, a devoted boyfriend and the lead in the school play. The snobbiest sorority on… Continue reading SCREAM 2: SCREAM AGAIN


A San Francisco police officer is frantically in search of a compatible bone marrow donor for his gravely ill son. He finally finds a potential donor, but must confront the fact that the man is a convicted multiple murderer who sees this trip to the hospital as his only chance to escape to freedom. The… Continue reading DESPERATE MEASURES


As a boy, Vincent Freeman discovers he is different from his younger brother Anton, a petri dish baby who possesses the perfect genes for success. Where Anton is strong and tall and has perfect eyesight, Vincent is weak and sickly and wears glasses that give away his genetic inferiority. Where Anton earns his parents constant… Continue reading GATTACA


The FBI prepares to burst into a gang infested house, but inside a lone gunman masterfully navigates through the gang members, killing them all on his way to the leader, Booya James. Just as he shoots James, FBI agent Kathleen Boyle, rushes in. She notices James is dead and races after his killer. The gunman… Continue reading DOUBLE TAP


This is not the first movie of an inexperienced director. He already made The Frog King and Little Suck-a-Thumb, which were awarded with several prizes. Based on the classic fairytale : “Grandmother’s story”, this movie – described by Roger Corman as “beautifully directed, a fine piece of work” – drags us into the universe of… Continue reading LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD


The director of this music clip, in which the devil tries to tempt a young Southern fiddle player, is the creator of the famous short The Sandman. He has also worked with Henry Selick (Nightmare before Christmas, James and the Giant Peach).


We will discover the amazing deeds of a muscular comic-strip hero who travels through a universe that ranges from film noir to the Land of Oz. This movie is recommended to adult viewers and thus strictly forbidden for all others. It was already presented at the New-York Underground Film Festival, the Sundance Film Festival and… Continue reading MARYLOU