A cloud of dust. A worn-down car speeds away on the desert road at nightfall. Inside, four gruff gangsters urge a woman behind the wheel to step on it. They’ve taken her hostage after a pawnshop robbery gone horribly wrong. Alex, in the backseat, is the nervous, intense type, seizing every opportunity he gets for… Continue reading THE PRICE WE PAY


Sarah and Spencer are depressed and unstable twins, with Sarah popping psychotropic pills as if they’re M&M’s and Spencer fighting an uphill battle with the bottle. So, it makes sense for them to leave Philadelphia for a road trip up to Vermont, a change of scenery and a breath of fresh air. Except that’s not… Continue reading NIGHT AT THE EAGLE INN


Welcome to Tyler Cornack’s Tiny Cinema, in which he basically presents his whole cinematic universe on a miniature platter: a midget narrator – Michael J. Anderson (!) straight out of TWIN PEAKS’ Black Lodge, though this time not speaking backwards -, “That’s what she said” jokes gone horribly and demonically wrong, a single lady finally… Continue reading TINY CINEMA


Shawn is some sort of Johnny (Ob)Knoxville 2.0 with his very own YouTube channel on which he faces his most idiotic fears, until one of his offensive jokes crosses a red line for both his followers and sponsors. Before being burned at the stake,he tries to sway the angry mob – Ergh, I mean his… Continue reading DEADSTREAM


Influencers do the in(s)anest things to haul in cash flows, like selling their farts in sealed jars or their used panties. Or, as is the case for Jess, film fetishists that do the weirdest – though quite harmless – things to you, without them knowing that you film and post the content on your channel.… Continue reading FOLLOW HER


In a wholesome, God-fearing American town next to the Mexican border, a federal agent is searching for a Red Threat that has been signaled in the neighborhood. Scheming commies with a Stalin ‘stache again? Oh no, just a couple of cute redheads that happen to be… witches! Yes, a new 11th Amendment in the Constitution… Continue reading WITCH HUNT


Which 13-year-old teen has never dreamt – even but for a day – of throwing their parents, along with siblings and Pearl Jam record collection, in a bottomless pit in the garden? Unfortunately, digging a hole of several feet deep in a garden of two square inches rarely goes unnoticed and the plan usually falls… Continue reading JOHN AND THE HOLE


An old van crossing the Andes, a secret, 3 unknown passengers accused of having provoked the suicide of someone. You’re the fourth passenger of their journey through the Uku Pacha seeking to find out the truth. Each trip is a new opportunity for salvation or for condemnation…