Despite most intergalactic missions are crowned to be successful, an international safety commission organises an inspection to find an explanation for the mysterious «black marks» shown on 4 astronauts. This unwanted phenomena changes the biological characteristics of the people who are infected by it, and makes extraordinary creatures out of them. They can mutate and… Continue reading LUNNAYA RADUGA


Our planet in the distant future. During a voyage through space, cosmonauts take the creature Nia, who originates from the planet Dessa where she experienced a trauma, back to earth. The earthlings decide to go back with Nia on a rescue mission to Dessa where they want to save the threatened civilization.


Andrei Beloutski, an etnographer from the university of Saint Petersburg, studies the folklore of the nordwest of the Russian Empire. In search of legends, he accidentally finds a ruined castle where strange events take place. The landlady visits the ruins every evening to hold a wake for the dead. She is the last of the… Continue reading THE SAVAGE HUNT OF KING STAKH


A popular legend in many amusing episodes, this film with excellent special effects succeeds in bringing the fairy tale context alive, while also demonstrating the extraordinary talents of ALEXANDER PTOUCHKO, who has created many works where dream and poetry collide. Sadko tells the tale of a gusliplayer who searches for the bird of happiness. The… Continue reading SADKO


The exceptional beauty of Yuliya Solntseva (Queen Aelita) was one of the key factors for the success of the film. Many newborn babies got the name Aelita as a result of that. It is not strange to say that the first real science fiction movie was a Sovjet one. Aelita by Yakov Protazanov was made… Continue reading AELITA


Inspired by the famous sci-fi novel of Stanislas Lem, Solaris provokes with different means the same kind of fascination as 2001: A Space Odyssey. The film also postulates the problem of the machine and the future of humanity. Tarkovski shot a movie about love where the theme of communication is seen from a different perspective.… Continue reading SOLARIS