Infection by Flavio Pedota

Venezuela, present day. Anti-Maduro graffiti covers the walls of the capital, while foreign workers relax by shooting crocodile, the most dangerous drug on the planet. The country is in utter chaos, cops are trigger-happy, public infrastructure is in a disastrous state and the people are agonizing in silence. The rise of an unknown epidemic of… Continue reading Infection by Flavio Pedota

Alejandro Hidalgo

BIFFF. Alejandro Hidalgo was at the festival to present The House at the end of time, the first genre movie from Venezuela.

It took him almost two years to make his first movie, but now this thirty-something made something he can proud of! With The House at the End of Time, this apprentice of Robert Mc Kee – the guru of screenwriting – made the 2nd biggest box office hit in Venezuela. Leaving blockbusters such as The… Continue reading Alejandro Hidalgo


One day Dulce, a great performance by ex-Miss World Ruddy Rodriguez, is accused of killing her husband and children in their house. Thirty years later she gets released and immediately starts to investigate what really happened. Belief, fate and the notion of time get mixed up in a mysterious, intangible puzzle. You’ll be at the… Continue reading THE HOUSE AT THE END OF TIME