Ai, a 6 year old girl, falls into a river and drowns. One week later, her uncle Thuc, a police captain, travels to a remote village to claim her corpse, only to find that the girl is very much alive. He brings her home, but does not tell her mother and stepfather that she was… Continue reading HOLLOW


Our story begins in a small town on the verge of change. A crime boss is buying up land and bullying its residents out of their homes and businesses. All that stands in his way is the neighborhood’s baker and his family, who runs a small but struggling motel in the heart of town. Facing… Continue reading ONCE UPON A TIME IN VIETNAM


1) The Visitor. Loc, a young writer, takes up residence in a remote bungalow on the edge of a sugar cane field. It seems abandoned, until he meets its sole occupant, a sweet and selfless woman named Hoa. Loc falls in love with her. But Hoa hides a dark secret which will drive Loc to… Continue reading SPIRITS