TRAUMA by Gabi Kubach

What happened to Maria, a young woman controlled by a depression since her daughter disappeared? A young detective, Anna, starts the investigation in Maria’s house. Even during the day, the ocean fascinates Maria. At the end of the day Anna undergoes a strange and disturbing transformation. The sea seems to hold a strange power over… Continue reading TRAUMA by Gabi Kubach


Imagine that all the conditions for an international success are guaranteed, can you then question the quality of the adaptation of the bestseller of Nobel winner Isaac B. Singer? Or is the result contrary to what we can imagine? This wonderful film, which offers a new perspective on Israeli cinema, is proof of the knowhow… Continue reading THE MAGICIAN OF LUBLIN


Felix is a down-and-out rock drummer and lives in New York. One day, he buys a pair of sticks to a peddler and tries them on his snare drum: the few people attending his drum rolls start to dance in rhythm. Felix is thrilled at first, but quickly realises that his talent has nothing to… Continue reading MAGIC STICKS