In a remote house on a deserted island, three people – two men and a woman – participate as volunteers in a 70-day scientific experiment. They know that the air on the island is infected and that it could kill them. They are watched through video cameras and microphones permanently. The light and temperature in… Continue reading OPERATION DEAD END


Warren is a movie director. His bosom buddy, Fred, is specialised in special effects. Together, they should have it all tied up in Hollywood! But their horror movies are all flops, and they don’t even manage to earn enough money for their last project. At this point, only some serious help from destiny can save… Continue reading GHOST CHASE


Who would not be traumatized by the death of their father as a child? To young Joey this reality sounds like injustice and represents a remote, malefic world that he can only escape through dreaming. His bedroom is filled with toys, stuffed animals, robots and small cars that turn the room into a fantastic universe… Continue reading JOEY

State of Siege

In 1970, Costa-Gavras was looking into CIA operations in Latin America and discovered the existence of a certain Dan Mitrione, an agent specialized in “anti-terror strategies” (a euphemism for torture tactics) who was happy to lend a hand to south-American dictators. Fascinated by the sheer cynicism of such a character, Costa-Gavras decided to make it… Continue reading State of Siege


A writer specialized in the occult, comes to the aid of a young woman whom a priest and his accomplices want to sacrifice to the devil. Satanic rites, eroticism and lots of blood on the menu of the last Hammer horror film.