In the 30s, a young failed novelist is kicked out of his house. It’s the Great Depression: unemployment and the plague are spreading in the city. Well, the Great Depression is spreading across Europe too. The young man meets a former friend who will suggest that he take up residence in an abandoned bank, but… Continue reading THE REDEEMER


1991, the Yugoslavian civil war heats up. In Belgrade, many young people would do anything to escape military service. Aleksa, a young journalist, is one of them. When two of his friends have already returned in body bags, Aleksa switches to the night shift to escape the army recruiters. When they get too close on… Continue reading FULL MOON OVER BELGRADE

Mladen Juran

Croatian director and screenwriter Mladen Juran (Zagreb, 1942°) got in touch with film and theatre for the first time when he studied dramatic arts at the Théâtre National Populaire in Paris (1965-1669). Also in France, he was taught by Lee Strasberg and worked as an assistant director for Michael Cacoyannis, Abel Gance and Med Honda.… Continue reading Mladen Juran


The T.T. Syndrome, named after its discoverers, German scientist Claus Timber and his Russian colleague Sergey Ton, is also called the Fallen Angels Syndrome. This affliction of the brain manifests itself in adolescents through a chain of psychotic phenomena such as alienation, exaggerated tidiness, aggressiveness and avoidance of direct physical contact with others. In most… Continue reading T.T. SYNDROME


Nemanya, about to get married, needs to borrow money from his father so that he can afford the wedding. He gets into his old car and begins the drive to his birthplace. When he has almost arrived at his destination, a terrible downpour prevents him from continuing. Nemanya manages to pull into a small, eerie… Continue reading WHEELS