Once in a while, between all those zombie flicks and black comedies, we enjoy a bit of Baudelaire. And we stumbled upon a passage that we particularly like, in which the great poet declares his love to Belgium, describing us as “an eternally wasted people that without reason bursts into laughter. A sign of idiocy.… Continue reading Edition2023


While everybody’s getting out of quarantine, we’re locking ourselves back in for 13 days. And with the greatest pleasure! Our last physical edition took place in 2019. Then, because of you-know-what, the world was put on hold. Our world began to resemble a poorly written horror movie, where the biggest cliffhangers were empty toilet paper… Continue reading Edition2022


It is with the publication of Silence in 1979, in the magazine, that Didier Comès shows to have found his way by rediscovering his roots. Using the most expressive contrasts of Black and White drawing, for the first time, he takes up the themes which will become definitively his: magic and the rural fantastic. In… Continue reading Edition1986


Without being presumptuous, we can say that Peymey Diffusion have succeeded, in two years, in imposing the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival as one of the most important cinematographic events in Belgium: the 3rd edition of the festival expects more than 35 000 spectators. Is it a matter of luck or skill? In any case,… Continue reading Edition1985


llustrator, comic strip drawer and scriptwriter, graphic designer for the cinema, multimedia designer, set designer for the opera, designer of «exhibitionshows », decorator of subway stations, creator of pavilions for the World Fairs of Seville and Hanover, inventor of universes, François Schuiten is a perfectionist demiurge, persistent, maniac, patient, in fact… quite Belgian. Claude Renard… Continue reading Edition1984


Nothing is easier than to fail what you have succeeded only once. Because it is necessary to master a “phenomenon” of which we learned the recipe by creating it, because, the second time, the “observers” are very attentive to track down the faults, because… So we did EVERYTHING in our power to make sure that… Continue reading Edition1983


We thought it was over, we had made up our minds about it, we had grieved already… We thought we would be forever the only ones, in Belgium, who thought that the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival was likely to really count internationally (besides a few far-sighted sponsors). Of course, of course, the public had… Continue reading Edition1991


Spectator my friend, be careful! We have not spent the last few months twiddling our thumbs, patiently, relentlessly, diabolically, we have concocted a giant programme that is likely to be a real downer! You thought you knew what to expect, but you’ve made a big mistake; you can’t go from one screening to the next… Continue reading Edition1990


Let’s take the plunge, let’s dare to say it, let’s lift the veil: it has taken too long to admit it to you, shame on the others, shame on us: Dracula is Belgian. His black and red cloak is discreetly bordered with yellow! The existence of a Fantastic Film Festival in Brussels is no coincidence.… Continue reading Edition1989


Grzegorz Rosinski works on his comic strips as a painter doubled by a film director would, ideally d o . Before starting to draw he applies masses of black ink in all the frames of all the plates of a sequence at the same time, This could well be the secret of Rosinski ‘s great… Continue reading Edition1988