Edition 2023

Once in a while, between all those zombie flicks and black comedies, we enjoy a bit of Baudelaire. And we stumbled upon a passage that we particularly like, in which the great poet declares his love to Belgium, describing us as “an eternally wasted people that without reason bursts into laughter. A sign of idiocy. All Belgian, with no exception, have an empty skull.” Our kids aren’t any better: “Despicably ugly children. Hairy, dirty, vile little things. Even if they’d get a good scrubbing, they’d still be hideous.” Well, that’s why this year we decided to create a thematic section called “Vicious Brats”. Because even though they’re usually portrayed as poor little victims, our 2023 program proves they can also be ruthless tormentors. Baudelaire was onto something. Two dozen films, including WRATH OF BECKY, KIDS VS ALIENS, THE PRANK or Belgian co-production WOLFKIN, will guide you through our 2023 toy store. Talking about toys, an even bigger tearjerker than TOY STORY 3 is part of our line-up this year, 2016’s A MONSTER CALLS, because director Juan Antonio Bayona (THE ORPHANAGE, THE IMPOSSIBLE, JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM) will honor us with his presence at the BIFFF! Which is doubly fitting, as we also organize a Spanish Focus with nine gems from the country that brought you the submarine (sí señor!), which include the newest Alex de la Iglesia (FOUR’S A CROWD) and FEROCIOUS WOLF, remake of the Israeli BIG BAD WOLVES – “Best movie of 2013”, according to Tarantino – but also a particularly impressive selection of Spanish shorts entitled “Spainkillers”. And to go all mystical on you guys, we’ve also noticed an extraordinary phenomenon which occurs every 10 years since the very beginning of the festival. In 1983, the festival selection contained an unusually high percentage of films that later all became cult classics, such as THE LAST BATTLE, THE DARK CRYSTAL and EVIL DEAD. In 1993, the list included ARMY OF DARKNESS, BRAINDEAD and RESERVOIR DOGS. In 2003, BUBBA HO-TEP, CABIN FEVER and THE GRUDGE. In 2013, MAMA, OBLIVION and GHOST GRADUATION… As if, every decade, an exceptionally phenomenal BIFFF line-up comes along. So, what about 2023 then? Only time will tell. But whatever the case, we’re very proud to present highly anticipated heavy-hitters to you such as THE POPE’S EXORCIST, which will be part of our “Born After Armageddon”-day during which all movies will be free for youngsters between 16-25 years, EVIL DEAD RISE, exactly 30 years after the triumph of ARMY OF DARKNESS at the BIFFF, as well as INFINITY POOL, SISU and RENFIELD. The latter will introduce the very first completely, utterly and shockingly free for all Vampire Ball!!

  • DATES :
    11/04 until 23/04
  • LOCATION : Brussels Expo
  • # movies : 69
  • # short : 61
  • # previews : 123
  • # tickets :




    Emerging Raven Competition-Special Mention Emerging Raven
    European Méliès Competition-Silver Méliès
    International Competition-Silver Raven
  • SISU
    International Competition-Special Mention Silver Raven
  • SISU
    -Audience Award
    Emerging Raven Competition-Emerging Raven Award
    Critics Selection-Critics Award
    International Competition-Silver Raven
    International Competition-Golden Raven
    White Raven Competition-White Raven Award
    Black Raven Competition-Black Raven Award
  • Alex’s Machine
    International Short Films Competition-Grand Prize International Competition
  • Drifter
    Belgian Short Films Competition-Grand Prize
  • Drifter
    European Short Films Competition-Grand Prize
  • Signal
    Belgian Short Films Competition-BeTV Award
  • The Foreman’s Wife
    Belgian Short Films Competition-La Trois Award
  • Turkey Jeanne
    European Short Films Competition-Silver Melies

Highlighted competitions

Belgian Short Films Competition

International Short Films Competition

White Raven Competition

European Short Films Competition

Emerging Raven

Critics Selection

Emerging Raven Competition

Black Raven Competition

European Méliès Competition

International Competition

With Raven Competition

Highlighted sections


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ABERRANCE Horror Mystery
ALIENOID Action Adventure Science-Fiction
APACHES: GANG OF PARIS Action Adventure Romance
BLAZE Coming-of-age Drama Fantasy
BONNE CONDUITE Comedy Crime Serial Killer
CULT HERO Comedy Horror
CYBER HEIST Techno Thriller
DECIBEL Action Thriller
FARADOR Comedy Heroic Fantasy
FEROCIOUS WOLF Horror Thriller
FOUR’S A CROWD Black Comedy Road Movie
GENTLEMAN Action Comedy Thriller
HALFWAY HOME Fantasy Romance
HUNT Action Spy Thriller
INFINITY POOL Horror Science-Fiction
IRATI Heroic Fantasy
IT CAME FROM THE WATER Comedy Teen Movie Zombie
KIDS VS ALIENS Comedy Horror Science-Fiction
KILL HER GOATS Gore Horror Parody
Killing Blues Black Comedy Thriller
KING ON SCREEN Documentary
LIFE FOR SALE Black Comedy Crime Gore
LOVE WILL TEAR US APART Gore Romance Serial Killer
MAD CATS Action Comedy Surreal
MONOLITH (2023) Mystery Science-Fiction Thriller
NEW NORMAL Horror Serial Killer Thriller
NIGHTSIREN Folk Horror Mystery
ONE-PERCENTER Action Martial Arts
PROJECT WOLF HUNTING Action Near Future Thriller
RENFIELD Comedy Horror Vampire
SATURN BOWLING Psychological Thriller
SISU Action Superhero War
SLASH/BACK Coming-of-age Horror Science-Fiction
SOFT & QUIET Horror Psychological
SORCERY Drama Supernatural
STEPHANE Black Comedy
SUZUME Animation Disaster Fantasy
TALK TO ME Horror Thriller
THE CUCKOO’S CURSE Supernatural Thriller
THE LONELIEST BOY IN THE WORLD Black Comedy Coming-of-age Zombie
THE OUTWATERS Cosmic Horror Surreal Trash
THE POD GENERATION Comedy Romance Science-Fiction
THE POPE’S EXORCIST Drama Horror Mystery
THE ROUNDUP Action Crime
THE WRATH OF BECKY Black Comedy Horror Vigilante
UFO SWEDEN Adventure Science-Fiction
UNWELCOME Black Comedy Horror Monster Movie
V/H/S/99 Anthology Gore Horror
WINTERTIDE Psychological Thriller Zombie


A Friend’s Friend Comedy Film Noir Teen Movie Thriller
A.S.M.ortal Comedy Horror
Airhostess-737 Comedy Drama Fantasy
Alex’s Machine Drama Eroticism Fantasy
All Your Fault, PD Comedy Fantasy Zombie
Before Nightfall Horror Psychological Thriller
Black Loves Crime Film Noir
Caterpillar Fantasy Thriller
Darkface Fantasy Horror Teen Movie Thriller
Dead Enders Comedy Horror
Diaspora Drama Horror Thriller
Divine Accounts Crime Fantasy Film Noir Horror
Drifter Adventure Fantasy
Family Night Drama Horror Thriller
Giant & the Seed Children Fantasy Musical
Gnomes Fantasy
Iago and Tristán Drama Fantasy
In Corpus Fantasy Horror Psychological Science-Fiction Thriller
Inert Horror
It Dawns the Longest Night Art Catastrophe Horror Human Rights Science-Fiction Thriller
Lost in the Sky Science-Fiction
Mind Heist Action Drama Film Noir Science-Fiction Thriller
My Unborn Son Science-Fiction
Mystic Tiger Horror Thriller
Nian Horror
Nude Horror
Once You Pop Action Comedy Fantasy Horror Musical
Phantasmagoria Fantasy Historical Horror Thriller
Power Signal Drama Thriller
Pussy Love Eroticism Fantasy Sexual
Shurik Drama Thriller
Signal Drama Horror
Skinned Fantasy Horror Psychological Thriller
Slouch Adventure Comedy Fantasy Musical Science-Fiction
Souvenir Horror
The Ballad of Maddog Quinn Action Adventure Science-Fiction Western
The Farmhouse Comedy Horror Thriller
The Key Children Fantasy Horror Human Rights Psychological Thriller
The Man Who Touched the Ball Comedy Drama Fantasy Horror Psychological
The Smile Comedy Horror Mockumentary
There Are No Ghosts Fantasy Horror Psychological Thriller
There’s Only One Action Adventure Catastrophe Fantasy Horror Science-Fiction Zombie
Tistlebu Fantasy Horror
Variations on a Theme Comedy Drama Horror
Venus Horror
Voyager Fantasy Film Noir Horror Thriller
Wolves Fantasy



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