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Edition 2020

1720, the Marseille Bubonic plague.

1820, the Cholera.

1920, the Spanish Flu.

2020, the Coronavirus, and the cancellation of the 38th edition of the BIFFF….

As a precautionary measure, the BIFFF will already cancel the edition of 2120.

Be careful, stay safe, we love you all, big kiss (from afar) and see you next year… Because, thanks to the indestructible support of our sponsors and the local, regional and federal authorities, we can already announce that the BIFFF will return, stronger and more awesome than ever, from 6 till 18 April 2021!

P.S. : we’ve decided to put our (now defunct) program online. This especially to thank our partners and collaborators, who’ve given their all for an entire year (so let’s not forget them), but also to show you all the movies we would have so much liked to share with you. If you have the opportunity to see them elsewhere, do not hesitate. But no illegal downloads, please. The movie industry will wake up with the mother of all hangovers and deep wounds after this pandemic. So let’s support them now, instead of adding insult to injury.

The BIFFF team

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Highlighted competitions

Highlighted sections

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Abigail Fantasy
Adios Action Thriller
Advantages of Travelling by Train Black Comedy Surreal Thriller
AI Amok Action Dystopia Science-Fiction
Aquaslash Black Comedy Slasher
Bad Trip Black Comedy Candid Camera Cult
Bloody Hell Black Comedy Horror
Breaking Surface Survival Thriller
Bring me Home Mystery Thriller
Bullets of Justice Black Comedy Gore Science-Fiction
Butt Boy Black Comedy Fantasy
Call Haeven to Haeven Horror Thriller
Colour out of Space Horror Science-Fiction Surreal
Coma Fantasy Science-Fiction
Crazy World Action Black Comedy Martial Arts
Deathcember Black Comedy Horror
Detention Horror Mystery Thriller
Du Sang dans le Pop-corn Black Comedy Horror
En Avant Animation
Extro Black Comedy Mockumentary
First Love Action Crime Romance
Funhouse Slasher
Gundala Superhero
Guns Akimbo Action Black Comedy Thriller
Hail Satan? Documentary
Harpoon Comedy Horror
Hitman: Agent Jun Action Comedy
In the Trap Ghost Horror
Invasion Science-Fiction
James vs his future Self Black Comedy Time Travel
Jesus shows you the Way to the Highway Cult Fantasy Science-Fiction
Killer Sofa Comedy Horror
Loop Time Travel
Macabre by Marcos Prado Serial Killer Thriller
Motel Acacia Disaster Monster
Noise Drama Fantasy Thriller
Onward Animation
Primal Action Thriller
Puppet Killer Black Comedy Monster
Random Acts of Violence Horror Serial Killer
ROARING CURRENTS Action Drama Historical
Ropes Horror Thriller
Scare Package Black Comedy Horror
Sea Fever Monster
Skin Walker Monster Psychological Thriller
Spare Parts Dystopia Gore
State of Siege Political Retrospective Thriller
Super Me Superhero
Synchronic Science-Fiction Time Travel
The Beast Thriller
The Blackout Horror Post Apocalyptic Science-Fiction
The Complex Interactive Science-Fiction
The Death of Dick Long Black Comedy Crime Cult
The Fallen Thriller
The Fanatic Crime Thriller
The Platform Dystopia Fantasy
The Queen of Black Magic Ghost Gore Horror
The Spy gone North Political Thriller
The Wave Black Comedy Science-Fiction Time Travel
The Weasel’s Tale Black Comedy Thriller
The Wolf Hour Psychological Thriller
Time to Hunt Action Dystopia
Tokyo Ghoul’s’ Fantasy Horror
Two Tigers Black Comedy
Vhyes Animation Comedy Surreal
White Snake Animation Fairytale Heroic Fantasy
WHO CAN KILL A CHILD? Horror Mystery Thriller
Why don’t you just die Black Comedy Gore Thriller
Wild Virgins Comedy Fantasy
Witch Fairytale Film Noir
Yummy Black Comedy Horror
Z Horror


#youtoo Comedy Action Fantasy
13+ Drama Fantasy Horror
2050 Science-Fiction
400 MPH Animation
4X6 Horror
Amandine Comedy Fantasy Horror Psychological Thriller
Ass Thriller Comedy
Audio guide Drama Fantasy Science-Fiction
Bad Seed Horror
Bainne Drama Horror
Balloon Drama Fantasy
Behind the Hole Comedy Crime
Blackface Fantasy
CDD: Corpus Crisis Comedy Crime Film Noir
Detours Action Thriller
End of the Rope Musical Drama Fantasy Psychological Science-Fiction
Endgame Horror
Epirenov Animation
Existe! Fantasy
Flip Action Adventure Fantasy Thriller Science-Fiction
Forest Drama Fantasy
Forget-Me-Not Animation
Grub Drama Fantasy Thriller
Guardian Angel Fantasy Horror
Hand in Hand Fantasy Horror
Hecatomb Film Noir
Helena Horror
Hitte Comedy Horror Romance
Homade Comedy Horror
Identity Science-Fiction
Imago Drama Fantasy Musical
Imbued Life Animation
Influentia Fantasy Horror
Island and Mainland Drama Fantasy Teen Movie
Lili Horror
Limbo Horror Fantasy
Live forever Horror Musical
Marras Drama Fantasy Horror
Mask of Sanity Film Noir Crime Horror Psychological Thriller
Memorable Animation
Mia Fantasy
Mutti Horror Science-Fiction
Ouroboros Drama Psychological Thriller
Pinball Action Film Noir Fantasy Horror
Plainsong Drama Fantasy Science-Fiction
Polter Horror
Risen Drama Fantasy Science-Fiction
Rood Fantasy Horror
Scars Horror Thriller
Seasonal Depression Comedy Fantasy
Shucky Darn Comedy Fantasy Horror Psychological Thriller
Simulacra Fantasy
Stigma Horror Drama
the Book Science-Fiction Comedy Fantasy Horror Silent Movie Thriller
The Chef Comedy Drama Science-Fiction
The Disturbers Comedy Horror
The Little Demon Fantasy Horror
The Little One Horror Comedy
The Memory Shop Drama Romance Science-Fiction
The Water Comedy Drama Fantasy
This Time Away Science-Fiction
Together Horror
Transfert Science-Fiction
Under the Lather Comedy Horror
Wild Thriller
Willa Drama Thriller
Wrath Animation
Yandere Comedy Drama
You don’t know me Thriller Comedy
Your Monster Fantasy Horror



  • Kino Cabaret


  • Lan

    Lan’s universe is a cross between fantasy, cyberpunk and science fiction, with...

  • Nathan Vranckx


  • Palix

    During my first fifteen years of making illustrations (mainly watercolors), I wa...

  • Pieter Pauwel Gallery



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