Edition 2021

An online version of the festival fundamentally goes against its DNA. The BIFFF wants to be a warm and generous meeting place for all lovers of genre cinema and is allergic to the “everybody on their island” mentality. This is what makes an online edition an emergency solution.

What makes the BIFFF so unique, what distinguishes it nationally and internationally from other events, besides the quality of the program, is its audience and the unique atmosphere that reigns supreme during thirteen festival days.

A boisterous, talkative and warm audience like no other.

An audience that brings the spectacle on screen to the theatre and often becomes THE spectacle.

No red carpet or smoking, no formal screenings or polite applause, but a celebration of exuberance and conviviality and a refreshing lack of discipline, which is only possible by the presence of this special audience and a relevant and contemporary program.

And it can seem strange that the BIFFF contents itself with an online edition without any physical component.

But that would be ignoring the countless hours that the team put in preparing a physical edition (which finally had to be cast aside with a heavy heart) and a virtual version of the festival at the same time.

A team that only lives and breathes for the festival, a team that gives everything for the enjoyment of its audience, but also composes a remarkable program. It would be a shame to cast that aside out of principle.

And finally, without a virtual event, filmmakers would be denied the only possibility to present their work to the audience.

So, let’s go full steam ahead for the BIFFF online… before we put all our strength and energy in our already legendary 40th edition!!!

  • DATES :
    06/04 until 18/04/2021
  • LOCATION : Online
  • # movies : 48
  • # short : 60
  • # previews : 98
  • # tickets : 26.600 streams




  • welcome to the bifff zone - Bifff 2021
  • Online Press Conference - Bifff 2021
  • Online Show - Twyce Agency- Bifff 2021
  • Online Film Presentation - Stephane Everaert - Bifff 2021
  • Online Film Presentation - Guests Song - Bifff 2021
  • Online Film Q&A- Bifff 2021
  • Online Masterclass Charel Cambré - Bifff 2021
  • Professeur Postérieur - Online Zobie Aerobics - Bifff 2021
  • Online Make Up Tutorial - Finotto & Fx Bubbles - Bifff 2021
  • Online Art Contest - Bifff 2021
  • Online Tutorial - Cocktail Zombie - David P - Bifff 2021
  • Online Drawing Tutorial - Alain Poncelet - Bifff 2021
  • Online Bifff Télé Achat - Bifff Packs - Bifff 2021
  • Nathan Vranckx - Palix - Bifff - FestivArt-2021-Online
  • Online Closing Ceremony - Bifff 2021
  • Online Show - Magic Land Theatre - Bifff 2021
  • Jury International - bifff 2021
  • Jury Melies - bifff 2021
  • Jury Obit - bifff 2021
  • Jury Critics - bifff 2021
  • Bifff Zone Logo - bifff 2021
  • gather town - online bifff village 2021
  • gather town - online bifff village 4 2021
  • gather town - online bifff village 3 2021
  • gather town - online bifff village 2 2021
  • gather town - online bifff village - Vampire Ball Room - Bifff 2021
  • gather town - online bifff village - grand -place 2021
  • gather town - online bifff  2021village - fumoir
  • gather town - online bifff village - Cine 1 2021


  • Beyond The Infinite Two Minutes
    White Raven Competion-White Raven
  • Beyond The Infinite Two Minutes
    Critics Selection-Critics Award
  • Bloody Hell
    The Infected Section 2020-The Infected Section 2020 Audience Award
  • Caveat
    Critics Selection-Special mention press jury
  • Host
    European Méliès Competition-Special Mention Silver Méliès
  • Riders Of Justice
    European Méliès Competition-Silver Méliès
  • Son
    International Competition-Silver Raven
  • The Closet
    International Competition-Silver Raven
  • Vicious Fun
    International Competition-Golden Raven
  • Vicious Fun
    -Audience Award
  • Horrorscope
    International Short Film Selection-Audience Award
  • T’es Morte Hélène
    Belgian Short Film Competition-Grand Prize
  • The Last Marriage
    European Short Film Competition-Silver Melies

Highlighted competitions

Highlighted sections



The Night

Fantastic But True

Taste Of Korea

7th Courts Mais Trash Screening



Alien On Stage Documentary
APORIA Horror Thriller
Bloody Hell Black Comedy Horror
Bring me Home Mystery Thriller
Caveat Horror
Cyst Horror Science-Fiction
Detention Horror Mystery Thriller
Diva Mystery Thriller
Extro Black Comedy Mockumentary
Hail Satan? Documentary
HAPPILY Comedy Fantasy
Hitman: Agent Jun Action Comedy
Honeydew Horror
Host Horror
Hotel Poseidon Horror Surreal
IL MARE Drama Fantasy Romance
King Car Science-Fiction
LUCKY Horror
Meandre Horror Science-Fiction
Post Mortem Ghost Horror
PSYCHO GOREMAN Comedy Horror Science-Fiction
Riders Of Justice Action Comedy Film Noir
Ropes Horror Thriller
Seobok Action Science-Fiction
SHADOWS Fantasy Thriller
Slate Action Fantasy
Son Horror
Superdeep Horror Science-Fiction
The Barcelona Vampiress Mystery Serial Killer
The Guest Room Fantasy Mystery
The Shift Thriller
The Weasel’s Tale Black Comedy Thriller
Vicious Fun Comedy Horror
Violation Drama Horror
Voice Of Silence Crime Thriller




  • Alexandre O. Philippe

    Alexandre O. Philippe is a Swiss producer, writer and director. The Hitchcock fa...

  • Constance Gay

    She was a music journalist until she enrolled in the Classe Libre du Cours Flore...

  • Daphnée Beaulieux

    Daphnée Beaulieux is a costume designer and a sfx make up artist who has been a...

  • David P.

    David P. is a busybody who, in order to tirelessly create his paintings, sometim...

  • Didier Lefèvre

    Diddier Lefèvre was born on May 12th, as was a certain Jess Franco… Coinc...

  • Erwan Simon

    Erwan Simon is a cross-disciplinary sfx makeup artist and sculptor who has been ...

  • Finotto School

    School created by Jean-Pierre Finotto who collaborated with the Festival each ye...

  • François Sabeau

    François has a degree in public relations at the UCL and nowadays he’s both a...

  • FX Bubble


  • Inge Coolsaet

    Inge studied history in Ghent, Fellini in Pisa and Italian neorealism in Antwerp...

  • Kamal Messaoudi

    Member of UPCB as well as cinema and fantasy worlds aficionado, Kamal is co-crea...

  • Lars Damoiseaux

    Antwerp based Dutchman Lars Damoiseaux is screenwriter and director of films, mu...

  • Laurent Pecha

    Long-time cinema lover Laurent Pécha is one of the pioneers of online film crit...

  • Magic Land Theater

    Magical Land Theater was the first company to entertain the Festival location in...

  • Marion Renard

    Born in 1989, Marion Renard grows up surrounded by rock music, comics and midnig...

  • Mike Mendez

    At the age of 10, this L.A. native started destroying his parents’ backyard to...

  • Milan Todorovic

    Milan Todorovic made his entry on the international film scene with ZONE OF THE ...

  • Nabwana IGG

    Nabwana Isaac Godfrey Geoffrey is a jack off all trades: film producer, director...

  • Nathan Vranckx


  • Olivier Bonjour

    Born in Brussels, he started his artistic career in 1982 at the age of 20. In 19...

  • Palix

    During my first fifteen years of making illustrations (mainly watercolors), I wa...

  • Pieter Pauwel Gallery


  • Professeur Postérieur


  • Raphael Vanhomwegen


  • Twyce Agency


  • Zoé Wittock

    Zoé Wittock is an award-winning screenwriter and director. Originally from Belg...


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