10th Cosplay Contest

BIFFF and Be Cosplay want to invite you to their 10th annual cosplay contest during this 2016 event. Fans of all ages will gather once again to celebrate this 10th cosplay year at the BIFFF by giving life to their favorite characters. In this discipline, people from all walks of life work for months to reproduce the costumes of their favorite characters (from movies, comics, mangas, video games, etc). On the day of the contest the fans go on stage to present the result of their work and to entertain the spectators. Last year the BIFFF welcomed the Belgian selections for the European Cosplay Gathering (ECG) and for EuroCosplay: Lileven, Saya and Yanah were chosen to proudly represent Belgium during the ECG finale that took place at the Japan Expo in Paris, while Muralu got selected to represent our colors at the London EuroCosplay finale. For this 10th edition, the BIFFF will not welcome European selections, but one international finale! Yes indeed, this year the participants will compete with each other for a place at the Cosplay World Master finale, which will take place at Iberanime in Porto (Portugal). Come and encourage our participants during this special event at the BIFFF and discover who’ll travel to Portugal (all costs included, together with the ticket to Iberanime!).