10th Vampire Ball


Do you too still believe in fairytales?
Do you too hope the ugly frog will become the prince of your dreams? Let us then, for once and all, make an end to all this naivity. Once a year at 12 p.m., when daylight is gone and twilight has turned into night, Snow-white turns into a scaring witch, the Prince into a hungry werewolf, the coach in a dusty coffin and … dreams become nightmares. Graveyards, old castles, morgues and crypts open as the living death arise, vampires awake and demons stand up for their annual party. Throw away your moral integrity, follow your most unhealthy desires and come, dressed in your best costume and wearing your darkest make-up, to our horrifying, haunted hall of horror, where you may be the Queen or the King of the Vampire Bal

Once a year, one date to remember, one place. The 9th of March, Midnight Hotel Métropole.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the “Bal des Vampires” Lou Deprijck made a real fantastic CD.