10th Zombie Day & Night – Zombifff Lympics part III

For those who prefer an easy walk to a marathon, there’s the unforgettable ZOMBIFFF PARADE. Once again zombies aged from 7 to 7777 will be welcome on this unique march a little bit different from all the protest marches in our capital. At the occasion, our beloved Manneken-Pis will be dressed up in his Drakulen-Pis suit to greet all the enthusiastic undead with his one free hand. If you’re afraid of poking a hole in your eye while applying some make-up, fear no more, we got the solution! Come at 11 o’clock sharp to the Mont des Arts to meet the fearless Georges Stevens and his dream team. They’ll transform you for free. And if you want to join his team, there’s only one address: stevgeorges@hotmail.com! This year we will proudly roam the streets again and no longer be constrained to the sidewalk. There’s even going to be a Zombie Tank for our 10th anniversary. Pulled by Zombies, it’ll end up at la Bourse for a nice commemorative picture. At the occasion of the BIFFF 2017 and to conclude the ZOMBIFFFday, be:pulsed will come and haunt the hallways of the Halles Saint-Géry for the ZOMBIFFF Night: an evening not to be missed for zombies, ghouls, mummies and other fans of the fantastic genre hungry for thrills. The program: Rock concerts with Mad Magus and an evening accompanied by DJ VCTR, who’ll keep the party alive all night long with a freakishly crazy atmosphere. The fantastic and horror themes will be present at every moment in a Haunted House atmosphere and a retro freak show. A unique and immersive experience, thanks to the performance of VJ’s, a devilish dress-code and a demonic UV theme. WILL YOU SURVIVE THE ZOMBIFFF NIGHT?