11th Cosplay Contest

This year, you’ll be able to admire passionate people from the four corners of Belgium to show you their talents. Not only will the Cosplay contestants bring characters to life through handmade costumes, but they will also give a performance on the festival stage. The characters could come from their favorite comics, manga’s, movies, …. And all this to please you, the spectators ! Last year, the BIFFF welcomed the Belgian selections of the Cosplay World Masters, an international competition which will have its final during Iberanime in Portugal. Lileven was chosen to represent the Belgian colors during these finals. Once again, a finalist will be chosen to represent Belgium in Portugal! But it does not end here! The Belgian selections for the Euro- Cosplay contest will also take place during this 11th edition of the Cosplay Contest. That final will take place in London, where about twenty candidates from all over Europe will compete against each other. Come to the BIFFF and encourage your favorite Cosplayers to find out who’ll be sent to the European and the World finals, all costs included!