11th Vampire Ball

Saturday March 8th at 12 PM
As midnight comes and ghosts awake … ; the moment Vampirella and other Lucifers leave their underground shelters and walk up the road to your house … slip into your room and touch you, you would frighten to death.
Well, do not be at home !!
Each year, exactly during the night all dead creatures come back to life, every normal human being will disguise and go to the party of the afterworld – a place where all demons go for themselves, a safe place as long as they do not recognise your being alive.
You could be the Creature of the Night, the Princess or Prince of the Dark at the Ball of Vampires.
THE BALL OF VAMPIRES, Saturday, the 8th of March 1997, at Midnight
in the underground shelter of Hotel Metropole.
… if you don’t want to wait for them in your bed …
Attention! Only disguised people will be admitted!