13th Make Up Contest

Do you too think the world could use some more colors? Are your fingers itching when you see paint and brushes? Do you think canvas, silk and linen are nice materials, although you like something more spectacular? Then this could be good news for you.
At the Festival of the Fantasy Film you can give your neighbor a new face, and what’s more, you can win a lot of prizes with it.

From Sunday the 10th till Thursday the 21st of March the MAKE-UP CONTEST will have place in the Auditorium of Passage 44, from 18.30 till 22.00

Material will be at your disposal, but we advise you to bring along all necessary requirements : sponges, brushes, …

There is no obliged theme. The make-up has to be ready at 22.00.

All make-up will be registered on photo and on the base of these photos the jury will deliberate on Friday the 22nd of March at 19.00. Prizes will be awarded at 20.00 in the Festivalbar.


Representative of Jean d’Estrée
Jean-Paul DURIAU
Representative of Fardel Creation
Jean-Pierre FINOTTO
Belgian theater- and film make-up artist
Monsieur DROUARD
Representative of Kryolan
Representative of Bourjois
Teacher physical aesthetics
Jocelyne VEHENT
Representative of Givenchy Beauté

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