15th Comics Land

Benn started his career at the age of 19. He worked for Studio Peyo and Publishing House Lombard. In 1975 he published his best-known series Mic Mac Adam, with screenplays by Stephen Desberg. He also adapted the detective novel “Monsieur Cauchemar” by Pierre Siniac, drew “Elmer et moi” and collaborated on the “Woogee” series between 1992 and 1998. From 2001 on, he publishes The New Adventures of Mic Mac Adam, with screenplays by Luc Brunschwig. For the 40th anniversary of the BIFFF, we were able to count on the talented pen of a real Brussels “ketje”, and not the least! This man has a street named after him in Durbuy, one of his plates has been auctioned at Christie’s, his cats practice self-censorship in his place by tearing apart thousands of sketches to the great displeasure of collectors, and it is to him that Peyo turned to resume the adventures of Benoît Brisefer… In short, he’s a big daddy of the 9th art, a living legend who does us the honor of signing this equally casual and mischievous poster. He’s the author of Mick Mac Adam, Woogee, Tom Applepie or the Wizard of Whitechapel! He loves golf, opera and Dickens, and he even tried to break into Heysel’s Palace 5 for the purposes of a script. That’s how his path was destined to cross that of the BIFFF… And this man iiiiis… the immense Benn!
“Thanks to the request of the BIFFF to create the poster for the 40 years of the festival, I had the ideal opportunity to pay homage to Lon Chaney, one of the most prestigious and impressive actors of all time. This great man, rightly coined “the man of a thousand faces”, contributed with his unique and innovative acting to the elevation of the 7th art and influenced several generations of artists. This great talent is and will forever remain a sacred and immortal monster of cinema.” BENN