17th Make Up Contest

Make up fans, semi-professionals or if you’re just curious, this message is for you.
Everybody can participate to our make up contest and furthermore, it’s free. The ideal opportunity for some to show their talents and for others to discover them.

Give a face to your dreams, let your brush be guided by your imagination, follow the contour of a mouth, decorate a look, seize an expression and enlarge it. We propose to you to realise a painting with the human face as its canvas.

Inscription is obligatory. This will be done on the night itself at the make up-stand in the auditorium of the Passage 44. The necessary products will be put at your disposal. But you are advised to bring your own material (sponges, brushes,…).

The jury will pick the winners (based on photo’s taken during the contest) on Friday 31 March. Appointment at 20h in the bar of the festival to receive your prizes.

Make up contest :
From Thursday 19 till Thursday 30 March, from 18h till 22h in the make up-stand at the auditorium of the Passage 44.

JURY 2000 :
Françoise PECQUEREAU : teacher physical aesthetics
NATI : Make Up For Ever
Marie-Madeleine PAQUET : Maquibel
Jean-Paul DURIAU : Fardel Creation
Jean-Pierre FINOTTO : Belgian make up artist
Stéphane TAVERNE : Helena Rubinstein
Paul LANÇON: Atelier d’effet spéciaux

Prizes are generously offered by
Fardel Création / Francelys / Hair Club / Gemey Maquillage / Make Up For Ever / Maquibel /
Yves Rocher / Halloween……….

or Ever / Maquibel /
Yves Rocher / Halloween.