18th Vampire Ball


“The thunder of a nightmare’s hooves beats dreams into despair.” (from Magic: The Gathering) Thick with anticipation, the air is slowly changing from twilight to dawn, sometimes revealing what should have been forgotten, dripping red into the fountain of light in the centre of the garden. Inside this upside-down fountain, hanging above the guests’ heads is the sediment of the Vampire’s bloody feasts. Night-garden plant life feeding off human and animal remains, mating with them, excreting poisonous air bubbles. An ecology of eerie passion and rotting decay. Keep your blood-pressure low and your mirrors close… Artistic Concept: FoAM (interdisciplinary art collective) Physical objects: Cocky Eek, Lina Kusaite Media + lighting: Maja Kuzmanovic Music : 4 different floors – 4 different styles: “The Dungeon” House, Techno, Elektro & Drum’n’Bass By Break The Silence (BTS) (www.breakthesilence.be) “The Fountain” The Lounge Bastard “The Path” Eclectica with DJ Flash (Magazijn, Ghent) “The Orangery” Rock à Go Go Dj’s PonPon & Groovy Vampire