1st Freak Show (Make up & Body Painting Exhibition)

Freak Show

Ladies and  gentlemen…. Welcome to the grand and prestigious FREEEEEAAAAK SHOW!

The brand-new concept “made in BIFFF” of the Make-up contest!

The Make-up contest, which has been part of the BIFFF for 37 editions, is transforming! Besides the usual make- cup contest (AMATEUR, SEMI-PRO and FX), the Freak Show will take you to a circus of curiosities in which monsters and  other bizarre human creatures share the same space in a fantastic interior… Tempted? A whole range of surprises and animations will await you! Among other things a spectacular FX make-up demonstration, weird characters wandering around, maybe a fortune teller will even predict your future!

The 1st edition of this new concept of a mythical  BIFFF recipe is promising to be an unforgettable experience…

Practical information:

Sunday 12 April from 8.30 AM in the Rotonde Bertouille of BOZAR Award ceremony: 6.30 PM

Contest subscription: obligatory  – via our website or on the spot (places are limited)


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