1st Gaming Madness Days

7 days of OFF festival with tournaments, board games, a master class and more…

Who doesn’t want, after another vision of The Evil Dead, to slaughter a bunch of zombies? Who doesn’t want to start a Mad Max worthy chase? Thanks to video games, that’s been possible for a while now! Because the success of games is ever growing and a part of our audience has an affection with videogames, we thought that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to turn it into an OFF-festival event. Those who visited the festival during the nineties, might have memories of the LAN-Parties. This year we changed that concept a little. Now you don’t play LAN at one single location. You can cherish these little pleasures at many geek-spots in Brussels. Try to break Speedrun-records, fear the night with DeadLight, get to know the world of videogames through a Masterclass and a documentary, survive a night full of party games around zombies, participate in our Survivial Horror retrospective, meet the developers in a unique setting or gain prizes during tournaments of Super Smash Bros and Call Of Duty Zombies.
This will all be organized during the festival by day. Come in great numbers, discover the new geek-spots of Brussels and win tickets for the festival!

An avalanche of activities

April 7th: Left For Dead Tournament – Outpost – 14 To 21 o’clock
April 8th: Speedrun contest around Survival Horror games – Hyperion – 14 to 21 o’clock
April 9th: Horror in gaming, a retrospective – Schrodinger’s Cat – 14 to 21 o’clock
April 10th: Sunset Overdrive Tournament – EGO – 13h30 to 21 o’clock
April 13th: Super Smash Bros Fantasy Rules Tournament + Cosplay – Game-In Manga Café – 14 to 20 o’clock
April 14th: European Premier of Game Loading: Rise Of The Indies + Masterclass around Indie Gaming + Price Ceremony – BIFFF – 15 to 18 o’ clock
April 16th: A night of Zombie Boardgames organized by Brussels Games Festival – La Table – 22 to 4 o’clock

For tournament inscriptions, please contact the organizer of the specific tournament.

Our Usual Suspects:

EGO: opened in June 2014, the European Gaming Organization is an association that promotes eSport for console gaming. Specialized in tournaments around famous games like FIFA, COD, HALO. http://www.egorganisation.com/ Inscriptions: bifff@egorganisation.com
Schrodinger’s Cat: wants to be a Cultural House for gaming and geek culture in general. Opened in February 2015, this place will deliver good games and serve some good beers! http://www.schrodingers-cat.be/


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