1st VR Screening Room

Horror in 2D is out; soon shuddering in 3D will be the new normal. Technology is evolving at supersonic speed and full immersion remains the Holy Grail of genre moviemaking! That’s why the BIFFF is opening its first Virtual Reality Screening Room, with nine Gears and a line-up of fifteen international titles, including the first VR films by Jaume Balagueró and Lloyd Kaufmann, as well as the masterpieces by Dark Corner Studios (screened every day from 2 to 11pm)!

And you know what? Admission is absolutely free.

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Selection VR 2018

7th night of
Thelema (The)
Director : Gianluigi Perrone   Running time : 8’10 Company : Polyhedron VR Studio Country : China

Director : Guy Shelmerdine   Running time : 5’ Company : Dark Corner studios Country : USA This pioneering horror experience places you in the POV of a new patient as you are welcomed into a sinister psychiatric hospital…

Door (The)
 Director : Nicolas Alberny and François Bouille   Running time : 2’35’’ Company : French Touch Records Country : France

Eyes in the red wind
Director : Sngmoo Lee   Running time : 12’ Company : Korean Academy of Film Arts (KAFA) Country : South Korea

Heart of fartness
Director : Lloyd Kaufman and John Brennan   Running time : 15’ Company : Troma Entertainment Country : USA
Troma’s first VR first experience starring the toxic avenger

Hurricane gangster (The)
 Director : Olivier Beguin   Running time : 6’ Company : Chaoticlock Films Country : Switzerland

Invisible man (The)
 Director : Hugo Keijzer   Running time :10’ Company : Dark Corner Studios Country : Netherlands Nick and Kid are two low-level criminals trying to pull one over on Frank, a notorious mobster boss. Then suddenly Frank shows up at their hideout, with an idea for a sadistic game of revenge…

 Director : Guy Shelmerdine   Running time : 6’ Company : Dark Corner Studios Country : USA A thrilling journey through the final moments of a man’s life. How do you imagine his end?

Director : Jaume Balaguero   Running time : 2’30 Company : Frakas prods Country : Spain/ Ireland/ Belgium/ UK

Night night
Director : Guy Shelmerdine   Running time : 7’ Company : Dark Corner Studios Country : USA/ Czech Republic It’s time to drift off to dreamland…but first your mom is going to read you a short bedtime story. Take a journey into your childhood nightmares with Dark Corner’s newest sense-stunning immersive experience.

Director : François Bouille   Running time : 5’27’’ Company : French Touch Records Country : France

Obituary (An)
 Director : Jean Yoon   Running time : 13’ Company : DanDanHan Pictures Country : South Korea

Director : Yoo-chan Park   Running time : 7’ Company : Korean Academy of Film Arts (KAFA) Country : South Korea In Korea during the Joseon dynasty (1392 – 1910), a grief-stricken woman climbs up into the forest. As she commits herself to a ritual of her own, a tango band, La Ventana, cuts through time and space and plays a song, just for her. The song they play is “Tears in the Wind”.

Reawakening of memories
 Director : Young-kap Kim   Running time : 15’ Company : Korean Academy of Film Arts (KAFA) Country : South Korea The body of a young woman is discovered one early morning. The case dandective rules the death as suicide. A forensic investigator, however, is doubtful of the dandective’s finding and extracts the memory from the corpse’s brain. This uncovers the truth behind her death.

Train hamasen (The)
Director : Kuan-Yuan Lai   Running time : 8’ Company : Poké Poké Créative Country : Taiwan People from different cultures and ages wait for a train to start a journey through time and space.

 Director : Gianluigi Perrone   Running time : 8’54’’ Company : Polyhedron VR Studio Country : Chine

Director : Christian Rau   Running time : 6’30’’ Company : Christian Rau Country : Germany

Director : Yonca Braeckman   Running time : 11’ Company : The Tech Centric Country : Belgium In a world where zombies have day jobs and zombie influencers create fake news for evil corporations there is something of life importance: Never forget… Feed and update!