22nd International Body Painting Contest

The International Body Painting Contest – NEW FORMULA,

organised in collaboration with

  • FARDEL Beauty Make-Up (www.fardel.com)
  • ANA-All Nippon Airways (www.anaskyweb.com)
  • La Libre Belgique (www.lalibre.be)

is an important Festival event, of which the reputation has spread far beyond our borders. It garners more and more international success each year; thanks to the quality of its creations and the massive participation of its candidates.

In 2009 we are going to change the structure of the Body Painting animation.  This 22nd edition will be spread across the entire festival.

The contest will take place every evening from 10 till 19 April 2009 and will be based on the themes of fantasy, science-fiction and fairytales.  The participants will execute their art at the Body Painting Stand at the Festival (free entrance).  Each Body Painting will be photographed and submitted to a professional jury.  At the same time, the pictures will be posted on the site of LaLibre.be (www.lalibre.be).

  Body Painting Contest at the 27th Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival – Tour & Taxis. From Friday 10 till Sunday 19 April 2009, between 6.30 pm and 10.30 pm : free entrance. Attribution of prizes on Monday 20 April 2009 at 9 pm.