FESTIV’ART 2005 –2nd Brux-Hell Exhibition

Make way ! The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse thunder down the mountain on a bicycle. They are the Arkel Body Art Gallery, the Museum of Fantastic Art, the Galerie d’Enfer and the BIFFF. Not the annoying sausage, of course, but the amazing Brussels International Festival of Fantastic Film. Shame on you if you didn’t know that already. These four are the Alpha and Omega of Fantasy and for the second time they’ll introduce you to a delirious exhibition of unmistakable quality. The artists crawl from their demonic dungeons, their minds fi lled with unclean and repugnant thoughts, carrying a new harvest of horrors. The seven trumpets loudly announce this exhibition, which will take place from 11th till 26th March at the same place as last year, being the bar of the Passage 44. On Monday 14th March, varnishing day, starting from 4 pm, this exhibition will allow you to quench your thirst for fantasy. Bruce H.