2nd Fantasy Art Happening

Open op donderdag en zaterdag van 14 tot 20 uur, vrijdag van 14 tot 24 uur.

A hybrid brain in a jar, a rusty brown skeleton hanging from the ceiling, a panoply of animal skulls and bones… The GALERIE D’ENFER specialises in the fantastic, the erotic and the farcical.

Its diabolical creator David P., aided by the demonic Lisette Delooz and the buffoon Alan Tex – all three of them pleasantly disturbed – decided to create his own haunted house and stuff it with challenging and inventive works.
No immaculate walls or designer snacks, D’Enfer has a weakness for walls dripping with blood and venomous poisons !

To all lovers of fantasmagorical sensations : this nightmarish but very sympathetic bunch will open its entrails for you starting from Friday 5 March at 18h (day of the opening) until Saturday 3 April. At the occasion of the Brussels Festival of Fantasy Films they will present to you a collective exhibition of paintings, sculptures and photographs.

Rue d’Artevelde 19
1000 Brussels
tel / fax: 02/428.16.83
Open on thursday and saturday from 14 till 20 h, friday from 14 till 24 h.


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