2nd Festival of Fantasy Books

Bajram, Patrick Bernauw, Bézian, Julien Blondel, Aleksi Briclot, Fabrice Colin, Christophe Corthouts, Alain Dartevelle, Julien Delval, Johan Deseyn, Alain Duret, Durieux, Pierre Efratas, Mathieu Gaborit, Serena Gentilhomme, Thomas Gunzig, Eric Henriet, Herrenguel, Alain le Bussy, Jean-Marc Ligny, Alfons Maes, Joël Mouclier, Kim Newman, Alain Pelosato, Christopher Priest, Robin, Franck Roger, Norman Spinrad, Annie Tilloy, Jean-Claude Truong, John Vermeulen, Henri Vernes, Roland C. Wagner, Pierre Wattiez, Joëlle Wintrebert, Yann.
On the program
Wednesday 15 March at 6:30 PM – Opening of Imaginaire 2000
In the presence of Henri Vernes, Honorary Chairman of the Festival, of Pierre Hazette, Ministry of Art and Literature and of Charles Picqué, Mayor and Alderman of Culture of Saint-Gilles.
Varnishing Day : “Alexandre Humboldt-Fonteyne- The Forbidden Collection”, Julien Delval, Aleksi Briclot and Joël Mouclier.
Presentation of the Literary workshops and the Fantasy contests:
“At the Borders of Reality”, contest of Fantasy literature for adults.
“Brussels, my Fantasy Capital”, colour photographs and photo-editing contest
Celebration of 15 years Phenix Magazine.
Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 March from 1:30PM till 6 PM and Saturday 1 April from 10 AM till 1 PM:
“A Glimpse of the Future”: Literary workshop
Led by Sara Doke, journalist and genre-critic.
Friday 31 March at 8 PM : Trivial Pursuit Evening “SF-Fantasy”
Saturday 1 April at 2 PM: “The Future Rebuilt”
Conference and round-table debates, moderated by Bruno Peeters.
at 4 PM: Official Attribution of the Prize Bob Morane
Prize for the Best French Novel, Price for the Best Translated Novel, Prize for the Best French Debut and the “Coup de Coeur” Prize, all categories of the jury.
Sunday 2 April from 11 AM till 3 PM : “Frivolous Exploration”
The authors play in their own universe… and lead the tables with role-playing games
Friday 7 April at 8 PM: “Pictionary Live”
A grand game with comic-strip artists and screenwriters, led by Miroslav Dragan.
Saturday 8 April at 6 PM : “Be Belgian and write”
Round-table talks, encounters and debates about Belgian Fantasy and Science Fiction, with the participation of French-speaking and Dutch-speaking authors, moderated by Bruno Peeters and Christophe Corthouts.
at the youth library : “Children on Appointment”
Workshop Writing and New Fairytales, led by Jean-Marc Ligny and Joëlle Wintrebert.
Sunday 9 April : from 10 AM till 5 PM at the Cultural Centre Jacques Franck: Flea Market Imaginaire 2000
from 1 PM till 5 PM at the Cultural Centre Jacques Franck : Role-playing game stands,
Tables with initiation to role-playing games.
from 2 PM till 5 PM at the Cultural Centre Jacques Franck
Pierre Wattiez (Watch) presents the CD-rom “Osmose” and autographs the book of the same name, which he co-wrote with Thomas Owen.
from 2 PM till 5 PM at the Maison du Livre: Discovery of new role-playing games.
at 7 PM at the Maison du Livre: Closing Night.
Announcement and attribution of the prizes to the laureates of the Imaginaire 2000 Contests.
A meeting with Christopher Priest (“eXistenZ”).
Thursday 13, Friday 14 and Saturday 15 April from 2 PM till 6 PM : “At the Borders of Reality” : writing course


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