2nd Make Up Contest

MAKE-UP CHALLENGE 3 categories AMATEURS – HALF-PROFESSIONAL – SPECIAL LOUP-GAROU The contest runs from Saturday 16th of March 1985, starting at 6.30 PM and ends on Saturday 28th of March at 8.30 PM. Open all days from 6.30 PM until 8.30 PM. Exception: Friday 15th, Wednesday the 20th and 27th and Friday 22th of March. A novelty in the contest: The creation of a special category «Special Loup-Garou». «A «loup-garou» hides in every one of us. Let him out and show him on the face of one of your friends.» The JURY consists of: Chairman: Christopher TUCKER (see invitations), The Ladies: Arlette Barel (Publ. Rel. at «Les Labor. du Dr. Renaud», Esthéticienne) Eve Calingaert (Journalist) Ingrid De Weirdt (National Promoter at Christian DIOR Françoise Pecquereau (Professor in ethics) The Gentleman: Jo Avondstondt (Make-up artist) Jean-Pierre Finotto (Chief make-up artist for the National Opera) Guy Nerincx (Publ. Rel. at Francelys) The Jury debates on Friday 29th of March. The scores will be granted thanks to colour pictures which will be taken from each make-up creation. The make-up companies, listed below, will grant the PRICES. They include make-up cases or gift vouchers with a value of 1.500 to 5.000 F. The companies are: Avondstondt, Brandel, Christian Dior, Francelys, Hair Club, Kryolan, Les Laboratoires du Dr. Renaud, Shiseido and Agfa.