33rd Make Up Contest

Free make-up contest : open to everyone !

Beginners, amateurs or semi-professionals, join us and let your imagination run wild on themes such as fantasy, science-fiction, horror and fairytales at the 33rd Make-Up Contest.

Transform human faces into beautiful or divine creatures or have fun with special effects. But most of all… enjoy yourselves!

Register for one of 3 categories: amateur, semi-pro, special fx (special effects). Registration is obligatory and must take place on the night itself at the make-up stand.  Products will be put at your disposal, but you’re advised to bring your own material : brushes, sponges, latex, prostheses,…

The jury will choose the winners (based on pictures taken during the contest) on Saturday 9 April 2016. Be at the Festival at 8.30pm to pick up your award !


At the make-up stand of the 34th Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival – Center for Fine Arts

From Wednesday 30 March till Thursday 7 April 2016,

Between 5.30 pm and 10.30 pm – free entry

Responsible: Georges STEVENS

Attribution of prizes on Saturday 9 April 2016 at 8.30 pm.

Avec la participation de / Met de deelname van / With the participation of :


Les prix sont généreusement offerts par / Prijzen vriendelijk aangeboden door / Prizes are generously offered by

Fardel Cosmetics : www.fardel.com

PCH: www.pch.be

Arkel Body Art Gallery : www.arkel.be

Hair Club: www.hairclub.be

Jean-Luc Maitrank: tel: 0478.251.276

Maquibel: tel: 02.514.40.84

Optique Vicqueray: tel/fax: 02.343.54.50