33rd Vampire Ball

Makeup/hairdressing: € 3 (from 20pm to 1am)
Contest for the best disguise: 2am
Advance booking: 13,5 €
On site: 15 €


A picture speaks more than a thousand words, doesn’t it?

Yes, it does! This year, the mythical Vampire Ball will take place at the Centre for Fine Arts! On Saturday, April 7th, lots of strange creatures will be seen running around in the proximity of Fernand Léger’s paintings…

So if you feel like spending an unusual evening among stars in make-up and disguised festival-goers who wiggle their feet to wild rhythms, don’t hesitate. This time, the Ball is at the centre of the European capital, yak yak yak!!

And if you find it hard to make yourself look like a freshly dug-up corpse, don’t hesitate to leave your fate in the expert hands of our makeup artists and hairdressers.