38th Fantastic Night

Fantastic Night


Director: Ryan Spindell

Writer: Ryan Spindell Cast: Clancy Brown, Caitlin Fisher, Christine Kilmer

Runtime: 108 min

What if the Tall Man, the evil undertaker from PHANTASM, enjoying his twilight years in 2020, took in an ironic millennial to help him out in his rundown mortuary? That’s exactly what  Ryan Spindell wants  to  find  out  too! Montgomery  Dark, a 7-feet tall, seemingly decade-old creepoid goes about his daily chores at Raven End’s Mortuary: tending to the dead, scaring away little kids, relishing in old school horror stories.  Old  school,  like everything about Mr. Dark: his speech,  manner,  clothes, mansion, the music that plays in the background  – yes, even the grainy film images, everything suggests the glory   days of  70’s and   80’s.  But  Sam,  his  new apprentice who  wasn’t even born when   his  favorite   horror   flicks were released, is going  to  burst his bubble.  Monty tries to spook

her with a couple of tales from the crypt: stories with Lovecraftian tentacles, or highly unusual – and graphic!  –  pregnancies,  or  love beyond the tomb… But all he gets are jaded reactions: “It’s not  bad”,  “I was expecting something a bit more substantial, maybe an ironic come- uppance or a big  twist”, “a bit predictable”… Yup, she’s pretty much like the BIFFF audience! Spindell’s brilliant  2015 short THE BABYSITTER MURDERS was the starting  point  for this one-of-a-kind anthology that has those vintage thrills of say, EC Comics and CREEPSHOW but with a modern- day  ironic  wink. It’s gorgeous to look at and Clancy Brown was born to play the gravely funny mortician Dark.


(Japan – 2019)

Director: Lisa Takeba Writer: Watanabe Yusuke Cast: Kanna Hashimoto, Yuta Koseki, Toshiki Seto & Shido Nakamura

Runtime: 88 min

Are you a teacher? Are you fed up with all those pupils seemingly raised by a pack of wolves? In that case, kick back, relax and enjoy this hardcore adaptation of the eponymous manga by Arata Miyatsuki and Shigure Kondo. Imagine 36 pupils, smartphone in hand, eternal gum stuck in between jaws, hanky panky in the back of the classroom and their teacher driven to  the brink  of  insanity.  Well, he’s had it! He decides to hypnotize the boisterous bunch. From now on, a specific set of signals triggers pupils

to commit instant suicide. Using your phone? Suicide. Sobbing? Kaputt. Drinking from the bottle? Bye-bye.  Smooching?   Wither   in hell!  This is all  pedagogically sound,  of  course.  To  break  the spell, one simply has to be the last survivor… Careful though, because hurting others is one of the fatal signals. For once they will have to put their gray matter to good use in the midst of all the jumping  out of windows,  throat   slitting, improvised seppuku and skulls splattering all over the blackboard at a frenzied pace… Director Lisa Takeba sure knows how to have a good time in this 100% Montessori- certified  BATTLE ROYALE for  the iPhone generation.


(Canada – 2019)

Director: Lisa Ovies Writer: Kevin Mosley Cast: Aleks Paunovic, Lee Majdoub, Lisa Durupt

Runtime: 83 min

A puppet killer, ay? At first sight this might  look  like the usual hackneyed  horror  fare,  and  in  a way it is but  don’t be fooled! Sure, there’s the usual  group of teenagers that get together in a Cabin in the Woods just get slaughtered one by one…  Except, these ‘teenagers’  are played  by… 50-year-olds?  That’s just one of the many wacky winks to classic 80’s slashers, a genre Lisa Ovies loves and loves to turn on its head. The result? Christmas with the Muppets in the cabin of EVIL DEAD! Killer Muppet Simon used to be the favorite doll of Jamie, until he got to  high  school  and  preferred   to hang out with his new buddies. Simon is no Woody or Buzz Lightyear:   he  doesn’t  try  to   win back the heart of his best pal, but rather wants to wreak havoc on those new friends of his. When Jamie  invites  his  friends   to  his family cabin for Christmas, Simon strikes! He proves to be a worthy successor of Chuckie, with one difference:  after years of watching horror movies on TV next to Jamie, he’s become quite the film connoisseur. And those classic murder  scenes inspire him for his own chopping  skills, eh kills, eh skills. Unique!


(New Zealand – 2019)

Director: Bernie Rao

Writer: Bernie Rao Cast: Jed Brophy, Sarah Munn, Stacy King & Harley Neville

Runtime: 81 min

Furniture on a killing spree: maybe we should think about a new subgenre! After killer tomatoes, dangerous donuts, violent puppets, schizophrenic  cars,  deadly elevators, psychotic tires, beds and refrigerators… it’s time for the possessed sofa. Possessed by a dybbuck (for those of you not in the know: a sort of Jewish demon). Dancer Franscesca thinks she made a bargain when she buys a comfortable   looking  armchair  for next to nothing. At the first touch of the dancer’s thighs though, the couch is under her spell. Believe us: you  don’t  want  a sofa  with a crush on you. That means no more cozy, snuggly evenings with your boyfriends  on the couch… The latter’s more jealous than  the average  Ikea closet  and  starts a-killing one by one the dudes that try getting  between  him and Franscesca. Shiny buttons  for eyes, its mouth a crooked seam and most importantly,  a foot rest as its improbable but ultimate slaughter weapon! So kick back, relax – but do pay a bit of attention to our BIFFF seats (we haven’t been feeding them since last year’s edition) – and enjoy this New Zealand gem by Bernie Rao. One deliciously cult scene after another.  Your  trips  to  the secondhand store will never be the same again



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