39th Make Up Contest

This year, the BIFFF make-up contest (which has been around since the festival’s second edition!) is reinventing itself ! The contest will now take place in the course of one day, a day that promises to be intense, rich in emotions, and full of creative surprises! We are asking all make-up talents to choose one of two categories: with prosthesis and accessories, or without prosthesis and accessories! The themes remain the same: the fantastic, the imaginary, the amazing, science-fiction, and horror! Careful, because this time, participation spots are not unlimited! You may register on our site, and we will select the most promising projects for inclusion in our contest. We will provide basic make-up materials, but strongly encourage you to bring along your own materials. The jury will select three winners in each category. The prizes will be presented to the winners at the end of the day, on the Q&A stage in our BIFFF Village. So, are you ready to knock us off our feet?