3rd Boulevard du Polar

There is a new spectacular holdup at the Bozar! The BOULEVARD DU POLAR is back and puts Brussels on the map with international crime literature encounters.

A network of dozens of writers, scriptwriters, illustrators and directors are preparing a new attack on 12, 13 and 14 April 2019. The raid will be brilliant. The unveiling of the identity of the first accused will cause a real seismic shock. No one will be spared: the police, the courts, the press, show business, television, cinema, education and publishing. In other words, the whole of society will be put on the hot seat!

The crime novel is a weapon of protest, of mockery and escapism. We all know that Belgium has that in spades and that’s why all the spotlights will be turned on Brussels as a platform for genre in all its shapes, sizes and incarnations!

36th BIFFF - Boulevard du Polar
36th BIFFF - Boulevard du Polar
36th BIFFF - Boulevard du Polar

Authors who will be present:

Barbara ABEL, Tove ALSTERDAL, Gianni BIONDILLO, Stéphane BOURGOIN, Gioacchino CRIACO, Patrick DELPERDANGE, Éric Dejaeger, John F. Ellyton, Frédéric ERNOTTEJulie Ewa, Benjamin FOGEL, Pascale FONTENEAU, Éric Fouassier, Sylvie GRANOTIER, Gildas Guyot, Sophie Henaff, Insa Sané, Hervé Le Corre, Christos Markogiannakis, Cloé Mehdi, Kate MILIE, Nadine Monfils, Michèle PEDINIELLI, Malin PERSSON, Gilda Piersanti, Jean-Sébastien Poncelet, Jean-Bernard Pouy, Patrick RAYNAL, Emelie SCHEPP, Gilles Sebhan, Sire Cédric, Jean-Christophe Tixier, Olivier TRUC, Marc Villard, Mark Zellweger